The private conference for investors, founders, and CEOs
engaging the early-stage innovation boom in the South


Valor's partnership network is responsible for creating over $10B in shareholder value in the last decade. Our 2023 experience helps investors, family offices, innovation leaders and entrepreneurs. You'll meet peers creating visible new value in the South's booming innovation ecosystem.

Valor curates a professional and confidential environment to foster new business relationships and strengthen connections.

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Atlanta is #1 in entrepreneurship–what’s next?
How I raised a big Series A in 9 months from a city you’ve never heard of.
AI in Venture Capital: How Valor Uses AI To Drive Better Decisions (DEMO)
How I raised a $100M Series A in Atlanta
How CEOs of $100M+ Valuation Startups See the South
Southern Family Office Investment Focus Areas
New Southern Wealth–What’s Different About the $1T That Just Moved into the Region?
M&A Outlook in the South vs. Other Regions 2024
The Future of Marketing In the Age of AI
Is AI Created Better Healthcare Access? CEO Panel
AI Interrupts Enterprise: Case Studies from 2023 AI Implementations at Top Global Brands
What’s Next For Software Pricing Models? AI And The New ARR
What I learned from 104 Angel Investments
CVCs Look South: Population Migration Influences Corporate Priorities
Equity and Outperformance: Insights From Valor’s New Impact Report
Meet Software CEOs Passing $10M+ ARR
Climate, Environment and VC: 2024 Regional Perspective
PLUS: Startup Runway Georgia Pre-Seed Founder Showcase. This program has catalyzed $100M+ in VC dollars and counting.


Erik Sebusch, Mercer

Humaira Faiz, Kellogg Foundation

Ryan Wilson, Greenwood

Mark Buffington, BIP Ventures

Jonathan Glidden, Delta

George Azih, LeaseQuery

Jeb Stewart, Chenocetah 

Kim Cheveney, William Blair

Ernie Caballero, CIO, UPS

Tom Dawes, Sandbox

Lynne Laube, Valor VC

Giordano Botta, CEO Allelica

Taylor Shead, CEO STEMuli

Kim Stafford, CEO Vital4

Drew Reid, Rock Creek

Kirk Chewning, CEO Cane Bay 

Sofait Abdulrazaaq, Goodfynd

Andre Dickens, Mayor of Atlanta

Milton Jones, MeHarry, and Director, UNCF

David Cummings, Atlanta Ventures

Mary Claire Allvine, Doyenne

NE GA Health Ventures

Nathan Maingi, CEO Therapy IQ

Jackie Ramieri, CEO Care Work

Sunny Jianan, Mercedes Benz

Jennifer Marcus, Home Depot

Mike Szalski, SZFOGO

Gary Peat, Valor VC

William Leonard, Valor VC

Victor Holloway, CFO LenDRGroup

Donald Beamer, City of Atlanta

Michael Rockhold, Lewis & Clark

De’Havia Stewart, Anthemis

Mike Slawson, Georgia Pacific and Invest Georgia
Stefanie Diaz, Catalyst by Wellstar

Amy Query, CEO Therapy IQ

Sofie Abdulrazaaq, CEO Goodfynd

Jeannie Tarkenton, CEO Funding U

Evan Wang, Rockefeller

S3 Ventures
Coinbase Ventures

Drive Capital

Ryan Karaian, Advocate Aurora

Bryan Beam, Pinnacle Bank

Daley Ervin, Cercano

Jeb Stewart Chenocetah FO

Michael Mansfield Mansfield Oil

Patrick Liu, Georgia Tech Foundation

Michele Perry, Relatient

David Brinkman President, TER

Nammy Vedire, MetaCX

Connor Offrutt, CEO, Aetos

Nick Smith, CEO, Sailes

Sho Rust, CEO Sho.AI

Jennifer Silverberg, CEO SmartCommerce

Carolyn Larocco, LCPI